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Jessica Pendergrass is the creator of Urban Sacred Garden, a modern lifestyle blog focused on growing and cooking nourishing foods to promote wellness in urban areas. Jessica, a self trained chef, has studied culinary arts in the U.S., Italy, England and Bali and has most recently focused her studies on ancient Ayurvedic food-based healing modalities. With these acquired culinary skills, and a lifetime love of cooking and growing wholesome foods, Jessica works with clients to create customized goals that allow them to live a life filled with radiant wellness.

In recent years, Jessica realized her true calling to help people with their health and wellness by teaching them how to grow and cook healthy food. Her research into using foods as a healing tool for her own family drew her focus to the benefits of Ayurveda, and inspired her to teach healthy cooking, grow a medicinal plant garden, develop wellness promoting recipes and host Ayurvedic-inspired clean eating cleanses. Jessica now provides her clients with various cooking and gardening services focused on health and wellness to sustain a full and joyous life.

As a certified master gardener, Jessica maintains abundant vegetable and medicinal plant gardens in her urban hideaway in Louisville, KY. Jessica’s blog, Urban Sacred Garden, explores healthy eating, gardening adventures, spiritual pursuits and the world of bourbon (in keeping with her true Kentucky roots). With a background in photojournalism and international law, and a passion for fresh food as a healing modality, Jessica brings a unique voice to underserviced communities in her area where healthy lifestyle choices are most needed. Her writing and recipes have been featured in Southern Living, Kentucky Monthly and Edible Bluegrass magazines.