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I use my combined gardening skills, learned over a lifetime, to help communities build and redevelop small urban locations to create beautiful and sustainable green spaces. I am inspired by the ability of gardening to reconnect us to the land and give us a sense of purpose, all while growing wholesome, healthy food. You can find some tips and gardening advice on my blog, Urban Sacred Garden.

I offer the following gardening services that are customized to my client’s needs:

Edible Garden Consulting/Planning

Non-Profit Garden Consulting/Planning

Edible Gardening Education and Classes

Please e-mail me if you’re interested in discussing opportunities for developing your own green spaces. 

Some of my oldest memories begin on the small farm where I lived as a child in Anderson County, KY. I joyously ran through the tall grassy fields, tromped through the woods by the creek and planted and picked good food in our family garden. As I grew older, we moved closer and closer to the city where I learned to continue gardening in smaller, confined spaces and became more industrious about gardening in urban areas. Following my continued interest in gardening, I completed my master gardener certification through the University of Kentucky’s extension program, and represent that program volunteering with non-profit projects around the city of Louisville.